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The GlobeStar Therapeutics team wants to hear from you. Please reach out, with the form below, with any suggestions, opportunities, partnering, or other business-related ideas. We’re working tirelessly to change the world and help improve the quality of life for diagnosed patients. Our research and development teams are entrenched in the latest medical findings, while our management team spends their days working to bring our offerings to market.

We’re looking for MS-diagnosed patients for studies, partners to share resources with, and interested parties who want to learn more about the world of neuromuscular disease. At GlobeStar Therapeutics, outcomes are everything. We’d love nothing more than to see a world where neuromuscular diseases, like Multiple Sclerosis, are eradicated. In the meantime, we’ll keep working to find medical solutions that hope to mitigate symptoms, enhance life, and keep disease at bay.

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