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GlobeStar Therapeutics Corporation (OTCQB: GSTC) is a pioneer in the field of Multiple Sclerosis and other diseases. Our transformative therapies for the management of chronic neurodegenerative diseases are life-changing. Our patented therapies introduce a formulation of previously approved drugs which have been shown in clinical trials to improve the quality of life for these patients.


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Development of new drugs and medical technologies are a major focus of GlobeStar.


Our research into the treatment of disease and sickness with medicine.

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American Biotech

GlobeStar Therapeutics Corporation (OTCBB: GSTC) is an American biotechnology company originally organized in 2011, headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices in the State of Washington, focused on developing innovative therapies for people with serious and life-threating rare disorders.

The Company patented and sold for $10 million of preferred shares a treatment for peripheral artery disease (PAD) called LiprostinTM followed by acquiring an exclusive license for a patented method of treating neurodegenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis by administering a synergistically effective amount of the composition to an individual suffering from neurodegeneration and treating neurodegeneration.

We are in discussions with several contract research organizations to assist with our submission of new drug application for global marketing.

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What is a Neurodegenerative Disease?

What is a Neurodegenerative Disease?

While there are many people all over the world who battle against neurodegenerative diseases every single day, many do not know what they are, and what the correct definition of them is. Therefore, it is important to know how to identify these diseases and the...

A Post Diagnosis Care Plan Is Literally A Lifesaver!

A Post Diagnosis Care Plan Is Literally A Lifesaver!

Putting together a care plan is essential for everyone, but for a recently diagnosed MS patient, it can be, literally, a lifesaver.  It is important to understand their wishes and desires while this is all fresh to them.  If you didn’t do a care plan early on – then...