Top Seven Resources for Multiple Sclerosis

May 1, 2021 | Health Library

We’ve compiled the best resources for you for our health library on Multiple Sclerosis (or MS).  Below you will learn about some terrific places to contact, a bit more about each and their website address.  Even though we hope you never need this, GlobeStar Therapeutics is here for you when it becomes necessary.

1) Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

( This MS resource will allow you to learn anything and everything you would like to know about the disease, care, and what a diagnosis really means.  It will also teach you about the impact of the disease on the human body. This site will answer almost any question you could have about MS.

2) National Multiple Sclerosis Society

( This second resource keeps you up to date on all the recent news around Multiple Sclerosis and will provide you with new MS-based articles on a weekly basis. They offer information that ranges from support and resources, to how you can get involved in the fight against MS.  It is a premier resource for all things MS.

3) National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

( NIH offers a different level of help.  It highlights clinical trials, treatment, the definitions of MS, and the best patient organizations to use for further information.  It will tell you what to ask and where to get it answered. This is primarily a post-diagnosis site.

4) MSWorld

( If you are looking for a peer-to-peer connection and are seeking interaction, MSWorld will provide you with a support group that will give you daily inspiration in your fight against MS. Wellness tips to improve your health when in your battle against MS are also available here.

5) myMSteam

( Finding a friend group who are going through the same MS struggles as you can seem difficult at times. Although, myMSteam offers an easy path to creating the friendships you crave through social media platforms such as Facebook and other online support groups.

6) patientslikeme

( patientslikeme is a resource that will enable you to track the newest MS symptoms, get advice from others who can understand what living with Multiple Sclerosis is like, and compare the different treatment options, so you can figure out which one is the best kind for you.  It will also address the cost(s) associated with specific treatments. Created by a family whose son lived with the disease, they understand what you are going through and will give you peace of mind when scrolling through their website.

7) BRAINcenter

( If you are long for simple information on Mutliple Sclerosis such as the symptoms MS will give a human or are looking for how to potentially diagnosis yourself, this resource will make it easy on you.  It is geared toward the simple things. Braincenter is dedicated to giving you a platform where you can learn daily information on what you are experiencing, as a person who is fighting against MS, or a caregiver or someone with the disease, and it can  easily serve as the backbone of your journey.

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